Currently, citizens of Lithuania are able to obtain five types of online visas: E-Tourist visa,             E-Medical and E-Medical Attendant visas, E-Business visa, which are valid for 60 days;               E-Conference visa is valid for 30 days. Prior to commencing their journey, visitors will apply online and on receiving the confirmation by email, would be able to travel very conveniently. This should bring many more Lithuanian friends to India. Be very attentive when filling your application. 


Important remarks for an E-Tourist type visa:

you can apply for the E-Tourist visa online minimum 4 days in advance and maximum 120 days prior to your arrival in India;

this visa will be valid for 60 days from your arrival in India and will allow a double entry;

you can apply for an E-Tourist visa three times within a calendar year (January to December).


To apply for an electronic visa please visit here

Attention: neither the Honorary Consulate of India, nor the Embassy of India can check or edit your applications. If you encounter problems while filling the application or after submitting your application, please call the indicated helpline no. +91-11-24300666. 


To apply for Visa service in Lithuania please visit here.