On Sept. 15, 2015, Gabrielė Štaraitė, during her interview to a host of the Lithuanian national TV show Labas rytas, Lietuva (Good Morning, Lithuania, in Lithuanian), presented her book Į Aziją su meile (To Asia with Love, in Lithuanian), which was issued by the Lithuanian publishing house Alma Littera in July of 2015. Štaraitė is a founder and a co-owner of the tourism agency Travel Planet, which organizes tourist trips to India.

The book covers four countries: India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia. “The goal of this book is to promote traveling. […] It is a mini-guide to the cultures of those countries,” Štaraitė said.

During the televised live interview, Štaraitė said that, if she would have to choose an Asian country to live for a year or two, her choice would be India due to its rich variety of cultural landscape, which requires some time to explore.