At the end of March, during the Easter weekend, both Kaunas and Vilnius saw a huge gathering of Indian students. In Kaunas Indian students were friendly accommodated by Kaunas University of Technology and in Vilnius - by the Indian Honorary Consulate. The Officials from the Indian Embassy in Poland were so kind as to come all the way to Kaunas and Vilnius to assist Indians who live and study in Lithuania and who needed help with various documents. The biggest crowd gathered in Kaunas KTU - nearly 70 students studying in Kaunas and Klaipeda. In Vilnius, Indian Consulate met 10 students from Vilnius and Klaipeda. Honorary Consul of India to Lithuania Rajinder Chaudhary says that such Consular Camps organised by the Indian Embassy and Indian Consulate are very useful for both sides. Students come and meet Embassy and Consulate representatives, get consular assistance and documents which they need in order to continue living and studying in Lithuania. This activity also saves time and money for the Students as they do not have to travel the long way to Warsaw. In the future the Honorary Consulate will partner with the Indian Embassy to arrange similar Camps.