On Tuesday the Honorary Consul have paid a courtesy call to the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania Dr. Eimutis Misiūnas.

During the meeting, the Minister and Honorary Consul emphasized good Lithuanian–Indian relations in business, education and science, culture and other areas that open ample opportunities for citizens of both countries to cooperate, learn, study.

Minister E. Misiūnas mentioned his satisfaction at the fact that among foreign countries students at Lithuanian higher schools there are quite many Indian citizens. According to the Register of Studies, Training programs and Qualifications, this academic year at the Lithuanian institutions of higher education 774 Indian nationals are studying.

R. K. Chaudhary, in turn, invited specialists of the internal affairs system institutions to participate actively in refresher training under the Indian Economic and Technical Cooperation Program (ITEC). Under this program, since 1993, about two and a half hundred different specialists from Lithuania, including public servants from the Ministry of the Interior and institutions under the Ministry took internship in India.

During the meeting, issues of cooperation between the competent institutions in the fight against fraud online, for example, when money was taken from citizens of India by deception promising possibilities of employment, studies or getting a residence permit in the states of the European Union were also discussed.

The original article in Lithuanian can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.