It is with great satisfaction that we give here a brief review of the activities undertaken by the Honorary Consulate of India to Lithuania in the year 2016,-

1. Issues connected with the difficulties being faced by the Indian students in various institutions spread in Lithuania, all possible efforts were made in close cooperation with the International Relations Departments of each institution and with the Governmental Organizations including the City Governments in various cities of Lithuania and the Diplomatic Missions based in Vilnius. There are always situations where 100% success may not be forthcoming and the constraints for those cases were explained to these individuals and to the International Relations Departments of the concerned institutions.

2. Unfortunately, there were very many administrative and legal issues in respect of the Indian students as also some other Indian citizens visiting Lithuania and all support was extended, efforts were made to engage legal consultations wherever necessary and with the support of the concerned Governmental agencies, solutions were found most of the time.

3. Two Consular Camps were held within the last year in Vilnius and Kaunas where on an average a 100+ students and other Indian citizens living in Lithuania were attended to by the Officials of the Indian Embassy with the active support of the Consulate.

4. Social and Cultural events were organised from time to time but mainly in Kaunas, where the presence of the Indian students and the Indian Community is considerable as also the International Relations Department of the KTU is most proactive, whereas in other cities the response needs much to be desired. We are confident that Indian Community in more and more numbers from all over will strengthen our hands to celebrate such occasions.

5. The Consulate also receives on average 2-3 complaints regarding Trade disputes between the Indian companies and the Lithuanian commercial enterprises and the help, support and guidance are provided. Easy solutions are never possible in the Commercial  disputes because of the peculiar nature of the contracts but the efforts from our side are always very meaningful to the aggrieved Indian business houses.

6. Close cooperation was maintained with the various  Ministries and the Governmental institutions so that we are able to find easy answers to the problems that come up time to time.

7.Visits from the Governmental and From the Private Delegations from India were attended to by providing all assistance as asked for.

8.International Yoga Day was celebrated on 22 June, 2016, but the participation of the Indian community was minimal. It is therefore hoped that in 2017 their participation will be readily forthcoming. 

There are many other aspects but suffice to now say that We have every desire to be attending to all possible situations in the year 2017 in a better and more coordinated manner.
All Indian citizens living in Lithuania should please register themselves, the details are on the website of the Consulate:

In spite of various requests and reminders, the response is not very satisfactory.

Should there be any constructive suggestions, please forward those to us and thereafter those that merit the consideration will be further discussed with the community at the appropriate occasion and the steps will be taken to implement them.