Press release
2016 06 14

Several dozens of residents of Vilnius welcomed the Sun in the Cathedral Square on Sunday and joined 110 other countries’ yogis carrying out special exercises in the most famous places in their cities. This ritual reveals the unity of people all over the world and informs about the upcoming International Day of Yoga. Festive events of June 21 will take place in 10 cities in Lithuania and will invite yoga enthusiasts and professionals. One of the most world-famous teachers of the art of living - Swami Jyothirmayah - will be a special guest in the celebration.

"Yoga is India's gift to the world, so this treasure of knowledge has to be spread to the whole world. Physical health, well-being, the prevention of diseases, their monitoring, and harmonious state – it all can be ensured by yoga, changing both individual and the whole society’s approach to human well-being, - says Swami Jyothirmayah. – The recognition of yoga in the United Nations encouraged doubtful and superstitious people to learn about yoga and try it out. Vilnius’ yogis feel a strong communion with the world and spread one message - about happiness, peace, and harmony. Dedication of these people is inspiring."

Last Sunday the Sun Salutation ceremony was carried out in most countries of the world, and in Vilnius it was attended by various representatives of the Lithuanian yoga schools, professionals, and amateurs. According to swami Jyothirmayah, this Salutation shows that yoga is just like the Sun - an age-old, but also brand new every day, sustainable, and enriching each practitioner's life.

Sun Salutation is a sequence of twelve graceful postures (asanas), performed as one continuous exercise. Each posture has the opposite effect than the previous – therefore the body is fully exercised, stretched in different directions. Complex movements perfectly enhance and refresh the body, mood, carried out as morning exercises give a positive start to the day.

This event in Vilnius invited everyone to salute the Sun for five days in the morning, starting with the 17th of June - City Hall Square will hold open welcoming of the Sun sessions. During the evenings of the same dates, a variety of Vilnius yoga school representatives will conduct free training sessions, which are open for all who brings their yoga mat.

On June 21, Tuesday, the Vilnius City Hall will hold the celebration of the International Day of Yoga. It will be opened by the Indian Honorary Consul of Lithuania Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary and performances will be presented by professional Lithuanian yoga masters. In the lecture space, various speakers will give lectures on the practical benefits of yoga and its importance in everyday life. The festival will culminate in a spectacular and fiery gongs concert performed by Vyrenijus Andrijauskas.

International Day of Yoga events, for the second consecutive year, are organized by the Indian Honorary Consulate of India to Lithuania. Last year the festival was held to draw attention to yoga as currently very trendy yet not seriously perceived meditation and workout activity. Open events were attended by hundreds of yoga enthusiasts who had an opportunity to not only clean up their souls and bodies, but also to listen to useful lectures and show that one can proudly practice yoga in public. During the celebration, a national yogis’ record was achieved: one of the most popular yoga postures - the tree of life – was done by 1,300 participants at the same time.